People with learning disabilities told us what is feels like to do paid work and how they got their job .

How Niki got paid employment




How Niki found paid employment .




What does paid employment mean for you?

StephenStephen – “I get paid and I meet different people, it gets me out of bed, helps me get out and makes me feel better about myself.”

“It helps me improve my life, I am doing something positive.”

“It gives me a positive image.”

“You have more to talk about”.

What is paid employment like? 

Mark“It gives you a good routine.”

“I love my job, I get purpose out of it and job satisfaction.  I like to buy luxuries from the money I earn.”

“I find it challenging at times because I do a lot of different jobs and I have to do them all well.”


What are the challenges?

Person with a learning disability“Sometimes I get a grumpy customer, but I have to be professional and polite, I like being nice to them.”

“Because I am paid I have to turn up, it pays the bills, so even if I’m having a bad day, it motivates me to go to work.”

“Even when I am tired I need to respect my customer or colleague and be polite.”

“My manager sometimes gives me a job I find boring, but I get on with it because I am paid to do it.”

How is it different from not working?

“I feel more respected, I am paying my own way.”

“It’s my money to spend how I like.”

“If you are earning your own cash it makes you feel much more confident about yourself.”

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