Who can help?Who Can Help?

Job Centre Plus  Advisers or Disability Employment Advisers can help you find work, work experience or gain new skills.

Support Worker or Personal Assistant; your support worker or personal assistant can help you find paid employment and the right

people to help you..

A Supported Employment Officer or Job Coach can work with you to match your skills and interests to help you find and keep the right job.

Young Peoples Service can help you find work if you are 14-25 years old.  They provide information, advice and guidance on career options.

A social worker from Social Services can refer and direct you to people who can help you find employment.

Advisers or Disability Employment Advisers  at Jobcentre Plus can help you find work, work experience or gain new skills.  They can help you claim benefits and give advice. They can refer you to specialist support to help you get a job.

A Transition Worker from Social Services can help you plan your life…etc.

Help Direct is an information service which can direct you to other helpful organisations.

A CV is a list of your education, skills, training, qualification and work experience.

Help can include

  • Supporting you to decide what your strengths and skills are
  • Finding work experience
  • Finding volunteering opportunities
  • Looking for a job
  • Writing a CV  – a list of your education, skills, training, qualifications and work experience
  • Helping you fill in application forms
  • Getting ready for interviews
  • Travel training  – learning how to travel by yourself
  • Supporting you at work
  • Helping you be more confident

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