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Supported employment helps people with disabilities get into paid employment.





An employment adviser will work with you to match your skills and interests to help you find and keep the right job.  Your adviser will help you for as long as you need with the following:

  • Job tasters – trying a job for one day
  • Writing your CV – a list of your education, skills, training, qualifications and work experience
  • Application forms – a form you have to fill in to tell the employer why you will be good at the job
  • Preparing for interviews – getting ready for the employer to ask you questions about why you will be good at the job
  • Presentation skills – learning how to speak to a group of people
  • Identifying training courses to help you get into work
  • Work experience
  • Working interviews – instead of being asked questions the employer will watch how you do the job to see if you are good at it
  • Support travelling to work
  • Support in your work place – if you need help to learn the job an employment officer or colleague can help you.


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