Jonathan sewingSelf-Employment

Self employment is working for yourself and being your own boss. This could include setting up a Micro Businesses or Social Enterprise.  A social enterprise is a business which uses the money it makes to help people and communities.You manage your own time and your own work. For example if you set up as a cleaner you would have to find people to clean for.  You will need to advertise and promote your work.

If you want to set up your own business you may need some help. You need an idea to get started. (Links to Circles of Support and PCP to get started and get help).   You need to decide what kind of work or business. There are a lot of choices about how you set up your business.

You need to write a plan saying how your business will work and how you will make money. This is called a business plan. You also may need some money to get started.

JONATHAN from WebEnable on Vimeo.

Jonathan’s Story about his company AWEtistic Desines

Jonathan started looking for work through an employment programme called Team in Burnley.  When on the course it was discovered he had skills in sewing.  One of the things he really liked to make was bags.  He was encouraged to explore if his bags could be sold.  A family friend helped him to develop his skills in using sewing machines.  At first he sold craft bags to family and friends.

Jonathan’s confidence grew and he got better and better at designing and making bags.  He had a stall at a local event and his bags were really popular.  After that he set up a facebook page called AWEtistic Desines.  Now he sells lots of bags to customers around the world.  All his bags are unique, no two are the same!

Jonathan also works in a sewing repair shop every week.